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A world of unique, hand-made instruments, crafted by the finest piano builders. In 1928, we began as a small, passionate company which has grown to what is now Art Piano’s. A world-wide supplier of customized pianos and grand pianos for, amongst others, Private Customers | Yachts | Hotels | Cruise–Liners and many famous artists. Ranging from modern self-playing instruments to the most beautiful grand pianos from the renaissance…

We can make your dream come true…

Please have a look at some of our newest designs, and feel free to contact us directly to discuss how we can create a custom plan to meet your personal needs.

A Grand Piano is so much more than just a beautiful instrument or a mechanical masterpiece, it is something personal. Like a piece of art, with watchmakers precision.

Hive Extravaganza

An iconic grade Grand Piano fully customizable and manufactured by Blüthner Pianoforte Fabrik in Leipzig Germany. The exciting effort has driven Blüthner ´s imagination to a futuristic design that bustles their creative energies. The Hive xTravaganza is for sure an assertive taste for refined luxury and futuristic elegance, escorting the unsurpassed Blüthner´s Golden Tone.


The glamorous side of elegance, a grand piano that can be customized with the most exclusive selection of high gloss polyester colors or veneer finishes in a semi-transparent version with a matching frame and soundboard color.

Great Italian design

DJ Booth

Exclusive in every detail

Multi touch control panel

The world’s most advanced Grand Piano…

The Dual Jam has an elegant modern Grand Piano shape designed by Pianometropool (the Netherlands) and Maurizio FIori one the best Italian Designers. Each instrument is made by hand at the famous Galanti factory in Italy.

The exclusive multi-touch control panel is smartly embedded in the fall-board key cover. In fact, every detail has been meticulously designed to create the most innovative and the most extraordinarily elegant piano in the world.